August 28, 2011

I've Moved!!

I have changed my blog. Please come see me at :

June 20, 2011

New Workshop: Introduction to Sculptural Needle Felting

Join me for a weekend of felting on September 17 & 18, 2011 at Purple Barn Studios.
In this two day workshop, Introduction to Sculptural Needle felting, we'll start with a simple wire armature and learn to felt wool into a 3-dimensional sculptural work of art. This is a technique class and each student will be able to felt their own original design from a sketch or idea. By the end of the workshop, students should be able to complete (or nearly complete) a 4-6” high original work of art and have the knowledge to continue needle felting at home. 
Purple Barn Studios is located at 717 Miller’s Run Road in South Fayette (McDonald) PA, just 16 miles south of Pittsburgh, and 12 miles from Pittsburgh International Airport.
Saturday & Sunday, September 17 & 18, 2011 from 10 a.m to 5 p.m.
Workshop $65, Kit Fee $15. Visit for more details and info on other great workshops!

May 2, 2011

Wild Hare

Meet "Wild Hare". He traveled with me this past weekend to Artistic Figures in Cloth (AFIC) 2011, in Columbus, Ohio. Hare was my entry in the "Look Ma, No Doll Stand!" Challenge. The challenge was to create a doll with no obvious doll stand or support to make it stand. Hare was wet and needle felted of Merino wool, with a crocheted back satchel. He is running on wooden wheels, racing away from someone's garden with a stolen carrot tucked away in his satchel. The little rascal run head long into a 3rd place ribbon in the competition! Ok. I am a little puffed up at the moment. Give me a day or two to get over myself!

Stay tuned for more on AFIC.

April 4, 2011

"Will you ever blog again?" and "I think that thing is a car engine"

  You may have noticed. I am very lax in maintaining my blog. This has prompted my cohort in doll making crime, Chris Fondi, to pose the question, "Joyce, are you ever going to post something new?" OK, Ms Fondi, here ya go.
   I've been busy with several artistic things, the biggest of which is developing a body of work for a 3-woman art doll exhibit that Chris and I and Emily Eckel hope to have in the near future. You can watch our progress over at I create v-e-r-y  s-lo-w-l-y.  At a snail's pace. The dolls are not popping out easily.  And, Artistic Figures in Cloth (AFIC) is at the end of April in Columbus, Ohio. There are plans to be made and dolls to have ready for that adventure as well.
   In the middle of all of that, my studio ceiling was water damaged from a roof leak in 2009 and a big portion of it needed to be replaced. Uh, yup. Everything had to come out of the studio. Which leaves me, my art supplies and my half created dolls in the living room, much to my family's chagrin.
   Thinking that we could add even more fun and frivolity to all of that, I decided perhaps it would be jolly good fun to take my barely used sewing machine out of hiding so I could learn to sew. (Emily and Chris gasp...really? learn to sew?) As far as I am concerned, the darn thing may as well be a car engine. I haven't a clue where to start. I can thread the needle, plug it in and put my foot on the pedal to make it go...and that's it. Period. Stay tuned.  I will keep you up to date on the progress but remeber I go very slowly, at a snail's pace.

February 1, 2011

Pax is Completed!!

Long overdue but here at last, is Pax. This needle felted guy is my contribution to the Peace Felt exchange that occurred in September of 2010. (See earlier post below.) The intended recipient has been most patient while I struggled with completing him. He is needle felted from NZ Corriedale and Merino wool with some wire in his arms and legs. His arms and legs are moveable. He is roughly 12" tall.

Here he comes Lucie, winging his way to you. I hope you enjoy Pax’s peaceful presence in your home!

July 21, 2010

Fiber Artists Aid Animals in the Gulf Coast

If you are like me, the oil spill in the Gulf Coast left you feeling a lot of things: anger, dismay, helplessness. As an animal lover, I have been particularly distressed by the plight by the wildlife in the Gulf. But what to do? Our family has boycotted BP, buying our gas elsewhere but that seems so little and indirect.
Craft Hope, in conjunction with several environmental organizations, sponsored a project that offered an opportunity for those of us who crochet, knit or sew to be of more direct help. Wash rags and hand towels are needed to clean oil from dolphins and sea turtles. These were collected and sent to the coast, along with some donations of Dawn dish detergent.
Currently, as of 7-20-2010 the project has been suspended as the needs have been met. I plan to keep my eyes an ears open in case I can jump in and help. To keep up to date on this project you can go to the following link:
Craft Hope offers many wonderful ideas and projects for all kinds things that can help your fellow Earthling, be it man, animal or plant! If you decide to help with any of these projects, leave me a comment here. I'd like to hear about it.

June 1, 2010

Cecily, Serpent of the Sherbet Sea

Meet Cecily, the latest Dooflinky creation. Cecily is comprised of Merino and NZ Corriedale wools and was needlefelted then wet felted to give her a sleek skin fitting of a sea serpent. Enjoy!

April 4, 2010

Peacefelt 2010

Over the past two or three years, a few passions have become apparent in my life. One of them is love of felting and fiber art. Another is the desire to do something good in the world. When I read about Peace Felt 2010, it seemed like the perfect marriage of these things. Peace Felt is working to encircle the world in a gesture of love & peace in observance of The International Day of Peace on September 21, 2010. Felted items will be made and exchanged with others throughout the world. Please click the button to the left to see how you can particpate. See also: ,

November 6, 2009

Wooly Green Worm

Is he a worm? Or is he a slug? Or perhaps he's the latest in a series of imaginary creatures who has come popping out of my wool stash. The latter sounds the most accurate. This guy is needle felted from a variety of different wool and is about 4" high by 7" long, depending on how you measure him. He's been awfully stubborn about revealing his name but otherwise is a most amiable creature. He'll be leaving home soon as a charitable donation to the 3 Rivers Crochet group's 4th annual Yarn Ball. Proceeds from sales will benefit Rwanda Knits and local veteran's groups.

August 18, 2009

The Pink Artist Project & Leticia Leafwalker

This is Leticia Leafwalker. She is a wet felted/needle felted art doll composed of various types of wool roving and a few silk petals. I am not certain exactly where Leticia may fall on a list of species, these dolls do take on wills and shapes of there own. She does, however, have an important role out there in the art world. Leticia will be donated to the Pink Artist Project which is working for the second year to raise funds for the Susan G Komen Fund for breast cancer research.
I have created this doll with special women in mind. My aunt, Leila Rae Herold, who after battling breast cancer and winning, succumbed earlier this year due to complications from Parkinson's Disease. She bravely and courageously waged many battles with health issues and is deeply missed. Laura Wunderly and Wanda Dietrich, breast cancer survivors, are two very special friends from my church family. Both Laura and Wanda endured surgery and what seemed like endless treatments and fought the cancer with great poise, grace and faith. Ladies, Leticia is for YOU!
Check out the Pink Artist Project by clicking on the button at the top of the column to the left. Generous artists doing wonderful things. Oh, yeah, and you have until the end of October to make a donation for a chance to win a prize on the prize wheel!

May 16, 2009

Decay of Society

First off, thank you, Cody Goodin, for many things. I snatched this photo right from your site, yep I stole it, so I thank yu. And special thanks for the tres' faboo classes you taught at AFIC, (Artistic Figures in Cloth). Cody is a treasure and if you haven't checked out his site, run right over and take a gander. Click on his name in the column on the left to go to there. Incredile talent and he's just one of the nicest folks you could ever want to meet!
I took 2 classes taught by Cody at AFIC earlier this month. I called this doll, "Decay of Society", and was made "her" in Cody's "Wire, Myth and Magic" class. The class explored using wire armatures and artistist's mediums in assemblage doll making. (Cody, correct me if I've described it poorly.) The doll hearkens back to some of my earlier statement dolls. For me it represents how we may end up one day if we don't learn a gentler way to live in a world with others of differing opinions, cultures and attitudes, if we don't learn how to respect one another, if we fail to love our neighbors (OK, everyone you know, or don't know, is your neighbor). We must spend wisely, live greener, litigate less, (a lot less), volunteer more, love more, and most importan, we must pray more.
This doll won't be everyone's taste. It's certainly a far cry from Calliope. She's about using art to make a statement and not to look pretty. Indulge me in that, please.

Decay is made of found objects, bone, beads, cloth.

May 9, 2009

Caroline's Fairy becomes...Calliope!

I have been absent a very long time. A broken foot and a multitude of other perceived barriers have kept me away. But I am back, and with things to show you!
At long last, Caroline's Fairy has been completed. I had a terribly hard time getting her done when my dear friend, Diane, noticed I seemed not to be connected to this doll. Perhaps because I knew ahead of time that she would go away to live elsewhere. And also perhaps because I chose not to name her. Interesting thoughts. About 4 weeks ago, I sat on the couch, the fairy in hand, and all of a sudden the word/name Calliope popped into my head. "She's Calliope!" My family all gave me one of "those" looks. You know the one, the "by golly, the crazy artist really is crazy" looks. I was off and running and the fairy was born. I hope you enjoy her. She is off to live now with Caroline, who is about to celebrate her 1st birthday.

November 16, 2008

Stitch and Bitch Saturdays

Once a month, a group of Pittsburgh doll makers and fiber artists gather for a few hours of creating. This generally involves good food and a lot of laughs as well as creative support and the occasionally venting of whatever may be happening in our lives. (that would be the bitching part of the Stitch & Bitch!) Occasionally, we go for a full twelve hour session with folks floating in and out throughout the day. We all met at Emily's this weekend. Here we are; sharing the day. Get a look at this fabulous Curry Cauliflower & Potato Soup Em served. Perfect for a damp, fall day in Pittsburgh.

Caroline's Fairy Progress

The body is wet felted and stuffed, the hands/arms are ready for felting....This little fairy must be completed by Christmas so Grandma Deb can give her a home with Caroline. Her unstuffed body, felted on a Getie ball, is shown a few posts back. Stay tuned and watch her come to life!

November 14, 2008


From time to time, I just have to post a picture of my beloved Donald. He's almost a year-old now...and really big!